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How to Judge The Quality of The Press Brake Tools


Press brake tools play an important role in many industries that require sheet metal processing. With the progress of industrial development, the term precision has gradually become an important indicator for judging the quality of press brake tools. Therefore, in the design of tools At the beginning, it is necessary to fully consider the problem of tool accuracy.

At present, bending machines can be used in many metal material processing places. This kind of equipment is very efficient during operation. The design and manufacturing method of the equipment is very unique, and it also attaches great importance to the application of advanced technology, so it is not easy to appear during operation. problems and the service life is relatively long. As one of the components of the equipment, the bending machine tool also has a great impact on the working efficiency of the bending machine, so the selection of the tool is very critical.


So what are the selection criteria for press brake tools? When choosing a tool, you must first pay attention to the strength of the product. tools with better quality have certain advantages in material selection and process methods in the production process, so the application effect can be guaranteed so that in the process of processing materials, it also has certain advantages. It can ensure the quality and avoid failure due to a relatively large impact force. Therefore, when purchasing tools, it is necessary to understand the selection of materials and whether the strength of the tool meets the applicable standards.

There are also many classification methods of press brake tools launched now. Combined with the different application scopes of tools, there are also certain differences in the specifications and models of tools. When selecting tools, these problems should also be paid attention to, and must be selected according to the processing standards of materials. . If there is any doubt about the application of the tool, let professionals be responsible for the procurement, which can ensure that the selection of the tool is more reasonable.

At present, the application of bending machine tools is very wide, so the number of manufacturers responsible for making tools is also increasing. The tools made by different manufacturers will have certain differences in application effect and quality. Therefore, you should choose a professional tool manufacturer to buy products.


With the rapid development of society, my country’s manufacturing industry has also developed very rapidly this year. For the bending machine tool industry, the market scope has expanded a lot. At present, the bending machine tools on the market are widely used in equipment manufacturing, tool manufacturing, and aviation. It is widely used in aerospace and other fields. The accuracy of the bending machine tool can be said to be an indicator for judging the quality of the performance. The height of the accuracy directly affects the quality of the post-processing products. So what are the specific effects of low accuracy on the product? The following is a brief introduction.

In the application of press brake tools, the accuracy of the upper tool is often more important than the lower tool, because generally speaking, the angle of the bent product is determined by the upper tool, so the upper tool is an important factor in determining the angle of the product. If the accuracy of the R angle of the upper die of the bending machine is not high enough, the arc of the workpiece at the bend will be relatively large, and the overall look will be unsightly.

If the accuracy of the upper tool cavity of the press brake tool is not high, the position cannot be avoided during processing, the inner corner will be pushed against the inside of the cavity, and the best part will be deformed. If the precision of the die handle is not high, it will directly affect the installation of the upper die, so that the upper die is unstable, the overall parallelism will deviate, and the quality of the processed workpiece will naturally be affected.

Although the accuracy of the lower tool is relatively less important than the upper tool, the accuracy of the lower tool is used to control the production efficiency and determine the appearance of the product. The accuracy is not high, and it also has a great impact on the product.

The term precision can be understood on the die of the bending machine as the degree of matching of the parameters such as the angle and height of the drawing and the finished product. For some products with low precision requirements, the precision requirements can be relaxed; but for precision tools such as bending machine tools, the accuracy directly determines whether it is of high quality.

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So if the tool precision is not high, what impact will it have on the product?

Sheet metal bend angle deviation:

If the angle of the bending knife is too large or too small, it will directly cause the angle of the finished sheet metal product to fail to meet expectations. And if the edge of the bending knife is not straight enough, it will also lead to a larger arc at the bend of the finished sheet metal, rather than an obvious angle. May affect the quality of the workpiece.

If the precision of the groove chamfering of the lower die is not high, and the angle is too large, it will cause the sheet metal to slide down during bending, resulting in deformation or large bending at the bend. If the angle is too small, it is easy to leave an indentation at the end of the sheet metal, which affects the quality and appearance of the workpiece.

Sheet metal bounce angle:

The accuracy of the chamfering angle of the lower die of the bending machine is not high. For example, when the angle is too small or too large, the depth of the sheet metal pressing is too different, which is that the rebound (rebound) angle of the sheet metal will be different from the estimated value. affect the quality of the product.

Deformation of the bent workpiece:

Some bending machine tools will consider a concept called cavity at the beginning of the design, and its function is to avoid the product. , contact with the cavity part, resulting in the deformation of the upper part of the workpiece.

Die life reduction:

The low precision of each part of the bending machine tool will affect its life. For example, the angle deviation of the upper and lower die will increase the friction. The low precision of the die handle leads to the deviation of the overall parallelism and increases the friction in a certain direction of the upper and lower corners. The low precision of the tool slot may cause the tool to shake, and the swing during operation will greatly affect the work efficiency without reducing the life of the tool.

Therefore, ensuring the accuracy of the press brake tool can be said to determine the quality of the tool, which is an important factor in the production or purchase of the press brake tool. It should be the focus of all manufacturers.

A bending machine tool is a tool used by a bending machine to form and process sheet materials. This tool is composed of various parts, and different tools are composed of different parts. It mainly realizes the processing of the shape of the article by changing the physical state of the formed material. A tool is used to make a workpiece into a part of a specific shape and size under the action of the pressure of the bending machine.

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Bending machine tools of different materials will have different performances. Generally speaking, the tools are made of T8 or T10, T10A, and the better material is 42CrMo. Another very good material is Cr12MoV. So what kind of material is most suitable for the manufacture of bending machine tools? There is no answer to this question because different materials are used in different production fields. Here I will cite several commonly used materials to compare their advantages and disadvantages.

Alloy structural steel: Pure metal has good toughness, but pure metal is very limited in application. It is because metal materials with high hardness, elasticity, and strength cannot be found in pure metal. A variety of alloy steel can meet various needs. Therefore, the bending machine tool is suitable for being made of alloy structural steel.

High carbon structural steel and low carbon alloy steel: There are high carbon and low carbon in alloy structural steel.

High carbon structural steel: low elasticity, low hardenability after heat treatment, hardness can generally reach HRC30-35 degrees, generally suitable for ordinary bending machine tools, the main representative of which is No. 85 steel, its strength and hardness are higher than other 75/70/80 steel is slightly higher, so for workpieces with low bending requirements, 85 steel can basically meet the requirements.

Low-carbon alloy steel: Generally, the hardness and toughness of low-carbon alloy steel are much stronger than that of high-carbon steel. This is due to the addition of trace metal elements such as chromium and molybdenum during the smelting process, which greatly improves its performance.

42CrMo steel is a kind of low-carbon alloy steel with very good performance. After heat treatment, the hardness can reach HRC48±2 degrees. External use is more common, and the scope of application is also very wide.

Cr12MoV steel is also low-carbon alloy steel, which is more widely used in stamping dies. Because of its high hardness, high wear resistance, and high hardenability, it is well used in blanking dies. With the development of industry, this kind of steel has also been gradually put into the production of bending machine tools. After heat treatment, the hardness is HRC55-60 degrees. Its high hardness and high wear resistance determine that Cr12MoV steel has a good application in special fields.

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The materials that can be used for bending machine tools are far more than these, but the advantages of the three sheets of steel in comprehensive performance, price, and processing complexity are still great. Therefore, the impact of materials on the bending machine tool is still quite large. When purchasing a customized bending machine tool, you should comprehensively consider the use range of your own tool, the required wear resistance, and whether the hardness can meet the bending needs of the workpiece.

There are many specifications and models of tool products made now, but no matter what kind of tool, the selected parts are relatively simple, so a lot of time can be saved when debugging and overhauling the tool. state to achieve the purpose of the process, so that after starting the equipment, the material can be made into a certain specification and shape, and the material made can also meet the installation and use requirements.

The staff should also pay attention to whether the operation steps are reasonable when processing the material through the die of the bending machine. Check the power supply before using the equipment every day, and then turn on the power supply after ensuring that there is no problem. At this time, the oil pump will start. After starting, the stroke must be adjusted. In this operation step, the user should pay attention to leaving a certain distance between the upper and lower tools. If the distance is improper, it will affect the processing accuracy of the material.

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